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100 $ 8,000 $


0 Days 13 Days

From 425 $


4 Days Maasai Mara and Lake Nakuru Safari

Looking for a safari that lets you explore the wild and observe the diverse wildlife of Lake Nakuru while also providing a tranquil and relaxing environment? Look no further than this safari, designed to cater to your adventurous spirit and need for rejuvenation.

Activity Destination 4 Days

From 1,145 $


9 Days Classic Kenya Family Safari

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Kenya’s top national parks with your friends and family on this highly sought-after safari. Witness the majesty of Masai Mara Reserve, where you’ll witness some of the world’s most iconic wildlife in their natural habitat. Be awestruck by the shimmering pink hues of flamingos at Lakes Naivasha and Nakuru,…

Activity Destination 9 Days

From 1,725 $


7 Days 6 Nights Samburu Aberdares Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara

Embark on a thrilling 7-day road safari and discover the best of Kenya’s wildlife and natural beauty. This popular tour takes you through some of Kenya’s most iconic destinations, including the Samburu Game Reserve, Aberdares, Great Rift Valley lakes, and Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Activity Destination 7 Days 6 Nights

From 1,365 $


9 Days Nairobi, Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara and Mombasa

Experience the ultimate adventure with our exclusive 9-day safari tour that takes you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of Kenya. Start your journey in Nairobi and marvel at the city’s bustling atmosphere before embarking on an incredible wildlife-viewing adventure at Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara.

Activity Destination 9 Days

From 2,430 $

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