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Conservation Safaris

Poaching is the leading cause of wildlife extinction and why elephants and Rhinos are endangered. Elephants are hunted for their ivory tusk despite the ban on the international trade in ivory while the Rhinos are poached for their horns used for traditional medicines and as a symbol of wealth. Loss of habitats and human conflicts has contributed also to the near extinction of the animals.

On our conservation safaris, we will focus on the Elephants, Rhinos, and Big Cats and the efforts being made to preserve them for future generations. You will visit these conservancies and sanctuaries to give you a clear picture of what happens and how wildlife is rescued.

Save the Rhino Safari

Humans have pushed rhinos to the verge of extinction, but many conservancies have been […]

Save the Elephant Safari

This safari takes you to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where you get up close interaction […]

The Big Cat Safari

East Africa is the best destination to view the big cats and is home […]

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