As your trusted travel companion, we are excited to provide you with some important updates on visa requirements for your trip to Kenya’s breathtaking landscapes. These changes are intended to make your travel experience memorable and hassle-free. 

Passport Prerequisites 

First and foremost, let’s look at the passport necessities. Ensure that your passport is not only valid, but also has a six-month validity period from your expected arrival date in Kenya. A minimum of one blank page is also required, so go over your passport pages to ensure you’re all set. 

Capture your travel enthusiasm with a recent passport-style photo; it’s the ideal way to begin your Kenyan journey and is an important element of your travel documentation. 

Contact Information: 

We understand how important it is to stay connected. Please provide your home address, email address, and telephone number. This guarantees that you receive timely updates and that will help support you swiftly during your journey. 

Travel Documentation Checklist: 

Your travel itinerary is your road map through Kenya, so you need to share it. This, combined with confirmation of your lodging booking, guarantees that your trip is not only well-planned but also supported by reliable paperwork. 

Are you ready to roll? Make sure you have your preferred method of payment – credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay – ready for the obligatory $34 per person fee. Smooth transactions indicate a smoother entering process. 

Country Specific Requirements: 

Additional steps may be required based on your country of residence and travel history. If you are traveling from a Yellow Fever-endemic nation, you must have a Yellow Fever certificate. Stay informed of any further vaccines required based on your travel history. 

Introducing the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA): 

Now, let’s discuss a game changer: the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Apply for your ETA within three months of arriving in Kenya. You will receive the confirmation and ETA at the email address you supplied. The typical processing time is three working days, and you can check the progress of your application at any time on the ETA website by entering the reference number. 

Critical Change Alert: 

The ETAs have signaled a dramatic shift! They have replaced all prior visa entry criteria for Kenya. What does this mean to you? Ongoing e-visa applications will be processed automatically, and if you currently hold an e-visa, you can visit Kenya within the 90-day validity period without needing an additional ETA. 

We hope that these changes will not only simplify your travel preparations but also improve your overall experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, our professional support team is just a message away. As you embark on this adventure, know that we are here to make your trip safe, pleasant, and memorable. 

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Apply for your ETA to Kenya only on this government-official site,  

Bon voyage and see you soon!