If you want to give your family the best vacation possible, you should plan a wildlife family safari holiday. Children are fascinated by animals from a young age, which explains why animated series with animal characters are so popular on television. A family safari vacation will enthrill children and other family members the most and create lasting memories. Entice Africa Safaris Ltd. will assist you in planning the best Uganda tours and safaris.

You can choose from our Mabamba Swamp Shoebill Excursion, 10 day/9 night Ugandan Safari, Primate Trekking Safari, and 6 day/5 night Murchison Falls, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Buro, and Bwindi National Park tours, among others.

Here we share some helpful hints for planning a vacation in Uganda’s rainforest to see the giant primates while staying comfortable and safe.

Introduce your children to the concept of going on a safari.

It is true that game drives in Uganda’s national parks require you to sit in a vehicle for extended periods of time.

Are you certain that your child will enjoy sitting in that position and will not become bored? So, before you book any of our Uganda tours and safaris, take your child to a local wildlife park to introduce them to a safari adventure. Take a look at their reactions and then decide whether or not to book a safari to Uganda.

Avoid travel anxiety.

You can avoid the associated travel stress by taking a direct flight to Uganda. It will be pointless to spend money on a safari if your family and children become tired even before the safari begins.

If you are planning on connecting flights, you can relax for a day or 2  in Entebbe to beat the jetlag before commencing your safari adventure.

Look into any age restrictions.

Because you have already contacted us, the future responsibility is ours. Age restrictions apply to Gorilla trekking, some safari camps and lodges. This is something we keep in mind when planning your safaris with us and we will advise accordingly.

Make family-friendly activities available.

We have included a variety of family-friendly activities in our safari itineraries. We even have a guide just for family activities. By making your children and family participate in those activities, our special guides will keep them active and excited. The guide will accompany your child, telling African stories, arranging drawing classes to draw the animals seen on a specific safari day, and assisting them in watching birds or collecting bugs. While you and your partner go on game drives, the guide will keep an eye on your children. You will not be concerned that your child is alone in the camp because you know that an experienced guide is always with them.

Booking an all-inclusive package

For a long time, we have been organizing safaris. We’ve seen parents who were dissatisfied with their safari experience because they didn’t book an all-inclusive safari package. You must admit that traveling with children is a stressful experience. So, why stress when you can leave the hassle of logistics to us while we keep an eye on your child? So, book an all-inclusive safari package from us and have a fantastic safari vacation in Uganda.

If you desire to know more about Uganda tours and safaris, do not hesitate to contact us at www.enticeafricasafaris.com