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The Best Time Of The Year For Kenya Safari 2022

Thinking of going on an African safari? You are not alone! After all, the experience of a wildlife safari goes unmatched. Just you and mother nature at its best.

As you may expect, before going on a Kenya safari 2022, there’s much for you to learn and prepare to make sure that your first safari of the new year will live up to expectations.

Kenya is the most beautiful country to visit. It’s incredible wildlife, friendly people, and diverse landscapes truly make it a special country. A Kenya Safari in 2022 will offer you a quintessential bush experience boasting exceptional wildlife viewing and diverse scenery.

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This is a classic safari country, and we at Entice Africa Safaris offer a wide range of safari styles, whether you want to visit a variety of reserves or are just looking for a few days of wildlife viewing in a specific reserve, Our safari specialists will help you to choose the right Kenya Safari 2022 as per your preference.

What time of year is best to go on an African safari? When can we see the Big Five? What’s the best weather to embark on a safari adventure?

Below you will find in-depth information before embarking on an African adventure of a lifetime.

Take a look at the insights and information below so you know when you’re going to have a safari experience that suits you best.

Best Months For Kenya Safari 2022

January & February

The period is hot and dry. Animals gather around river banks and water holes during this time making it a good period to be on a safari. Many migratory birds are seen during the period. The water clarity on Kenya’s coast is at its best between January and February. The start of January is a busy time for tourism.

March & April

This is the rainy season and not a very favorable time to go on safari. But with few visitor numbers and lower accomodation prices, this can be a good period for up close wildlife encounters. It mostly rains during the early morning and evenings or at night hence good safari opportunities throughout the day.


The weather starts to dry out towards the end of the month. The landscape appears lovely and green and more safari camps start to re-open with prices remaining low. If you are lucky with the weather, then late May can be a great time to visit.


An opportune time to be in Kenya. The temperature is pleasantly warm and the wildebeest will be starting to mass on the Kenya-Tanzania border which makes for some exciting river crossing spectacles.

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The month is best known for the wildebeest migration and witnesses the beginning of the humpback whale migration in Watamu Marine national Park & reserve.

July – September

The weather stays dry throughout the country with spectacular wildlife viewing in the parks and reserves.  Wildebeest flood the plains of the Maasai Mara, with river crossings happening nearly everyday. This is the busy season yet the best time to visit as wildlife sightings and action is at its peak.

Temperatures are idyllic.


This is a great time to visit Kenya. The wildebeest hang around until about mid of the month and opportunities are there that you can watch them cross the Mara River.

It’s considered our Summer month with average temperatures of about 26 degrees celsius.


Slight rainfall is expected. This won’t disrupt your travel plans, Migratory birds start arriving this month.


There are birds everywhere and the country looks nice and green after the short rains. You will benefit from lower prices and a tranquil safari with good wildlife sightings.

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