When you are with us at ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD, we arrange Kenya lodge safaris so that you can have close encounters with the Kenyan wilderness even without leaving your place of stay. Besides wildlife, we organize tours to local villages so you can interact with the local tribes. So, it will be a proper exploration where you will have exposure to both the wilderness and culture of the places you visit in Kenya. We can arrange for such safaris at various wild reserves in Kenya. It will be possible to watch the Flamingos and white rhinos at Lake Nakuru, have a boat ride when you are at Lake Naivasha, and watch the hippos from a short distance. Yes, while planning our safaris, we do not forget about the big five and the Masai tribe in Masai Mara. During this adventurous expedition, you will stay at a comfortable lodge enjoying safety and luxury. However, these are not all that you can expect from us; there are many more, so let us look at those.

Maasai Mara Safari Package

Quality service

To enjoy the best safari in Kenya with us, you need to land in Nairobi. After that, all is our responsibility. We will offer you airport transfer, book hotels in Nairobi, plan and book your domestic flights and, of course, plan your Kenya lodge safaris. You can expect to be with us in all the major national parks. We can even customize our safari schedule according to your preferences.

Prompt delivery of service

We have all your stay, and travel modes planned even before you reach Nairobi. We will let you know all these as we meet at the airport. You do not have to wait for the car to arrive at the airport. The car will already be there to transfer you to the designated hotel. So it is for sure you will find the trip safe and comfortable. While staying at the lodge, you can expect a comfortable stay, a luxurious ambiance, the services of the best chef, and the pleasure of tasting local cuisines.

The safari that waits 

There is a broad scope of safari activities that you can enjoy during the Kenya Lodge safaris that we arrange. If you express your desire, we can incorporate those activities into our schedule. You will indeed find our safari activities to be adventurous and exciting. However, we always maintain safety so that no untoward incident happens.

White rhinoceros

Service of an expert guide

All during the safari trip, an expert guide will accompany you. Our guides are locals and have adequate knowledge about the national park. They will guide you to spots from where you can have a close encounter with the wilderness while maintaining safety.

Best of transportation 

We arrange for the best transportation so that you can enjoy comfort and safety. During the game drive, the vehicles will offer you plenty of opportunities to watch the wild animals, even staying inside the vehicle.

So, if you want to experience the best Kenya lodge safaris call us at ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD.