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After the Loss of Tim, Comes Double Blessing

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Did you know elephants carry pregnancy for two years? Well, this means that if an elephant gives birth to twins then it calls for a celebration.

The first case of twin birth in Kenya was recorded in 1980 at the Amboseli national park.

A 39-year-old elephant known as Paru gave birth to twins back in 2018. Unfortunately one of the twins died of natural causes.

According to KWS, there was a new set of twins born in January 2020. This news was received with joy considering it was a few weeks after the death of the famous Amboseli elephant Tim.

Angelina aged 35, gave birth to a set of twins male and female at the Amboseli national park

Amboseli trust is monitoring their progress of Angelina’s twins, as twins are very rare in elephants.

Tim the Famous Amboseli Elephant

Elephants Amboseli

One of Africa’s remaining tusker elephant Tim died at the age of 51 at the Amboseli National Park.

According to KWS “Tim was 51 at the time of his death. Postmortem results show that he died of a twisted gut – a natural cause of death for elephants”

For tourists visiting the Amboseli National Park, Tim was a sight to see. He was considered an ambassador for his species (Tusker Elephants) and even has a life-size poster of him.

The body of Tim was transferred to the National Museums of Kenya where it will be preserved through taxidermy for education and exhibition purposes.

Amboseli National Park as a Tourist Destination

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Amboseli National Park is 240km southeast of Nairobi. Crowned by Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, the Amboseli National park is one of Kenya’s popular parks.


Amboseli National park is hot and dry. Average temperatures vary only slightly throughout the year. The minimum average daily temperature is 27°C and the maximum is 33°C.

Best time to visit

It is recommended to visit during the dry months, which are January and February, and from June to October. Wildlife herds congregate at the swamps to graze all day.


There are several accommodations in and outside the park.

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