The Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor is located in Karen where it shares its grounds with the Giraffe Centre and for a small fee, you can stand on a platform and feed the giraffes. The giraffes are found at the lodge during breakfast time and four o’clock high tea and the rest of the time, they retreat to the surrounding forest at the Giraffe Centre. I’m sure you all watched Brother Nature having a fabulous time at the Giraffe Manor, if not check it out.

These iconic giraffes have appeared in photos worldwide sticking their heads through windows at breakfast.

Giraffe Centre

Giraffes enjoying breakfast

The manor was built in the 1930’s and each room is named after a giraffe who got his/her name from a personality linked to the lodge. In the main manor there is Betty, Daisy, Jock, Marlon, Lynn and the Karen Blixen Suite. In the Garden Manor, there is Helen, Kelly, Arlene, Salma, Edd and the Finch Hatton Suite. Giraffe Manor, modeled after a Scottish hunting lodge, has a green exterior, thanks to a climbing plant that has covered the walls. It has recently undergone an expansion project to include a swimming pool, spa and a gym. Be sure to add this to your bucket list.

P.S: Make sure you have a booking before going here as they do not give non-guests access.Giraffe Manor

Fabulous morning at the giraffe manor

Musical Maasai Market

Maasai Market

Maasai market at the High Court Parking lot

Every Thursday from 9am to 7 pm at the Junction Mall, the musical Maasai market brings together an array of African artifacts and plays a role of regional convergence for people from all cultures. There is a wonderful selection of wooden carvings, beadwork, arts and crafts accompanied by heartwarming traditional music that forms the highlight of the day. This makes you appreciate the beauty of authentic African arts and craft.  Do not fret if you miss out on Thursday, the market moves around the city. On Tuesday it’s at Westgate Shopping Mall, Wednesday it’s at Capital Centre, Friday it’s at Village Market and on Saturday and Sunday it’s at the High Court parking lot. You can also find the market at Yaya Centre on Sundays.

K1 Flea Market

Westgate Market

Crafts on sale at the flea market entrance

Good vibes, great music and a chance to support the local talent. Vendors set up their amazing crafts and you can walk around and interact with them, if something catches your eye, be sure not to leave it.  The market is a really good way to spend a Sunday, just grab your friends and head on over there for the music, food and culture.

Nairobi Safari Walk

Nairobi Safari Walk
The Nairobi Safari Walk

With its raised wooden boardwalk that allows for uninterrupted views of the animals, the Safari Walk is a showcase for Kenya’s Parks and Reserves, allowing visitors to discover what they can expect to see across the country. Visitors can see a sample of the country’s rich animal life including the rare bongo, white rhino and albino zebra as well as big cats, antelopes and primates. You can go all year round and be sure to take these items with you: drinking water, binoculars, camera, hat, sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and a guidebook.

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Kenya’s Parks and Reserves

Energetic baby elephants playing soccer

In an effort to save the baby elephants that are orphaned due to poacher’s attacks, the Sheldrick Trust takes charge of being their “adoptive mother” and taking care of them 24/7 – feeding them, making sure they are warm enough, or cold enough when it is too warm, playing with them, and giving them lots of love!

There’s absolutely nothing better than watching baby elephants being fed by giant bottles and playing in mud baths. The elephants are brought out every day from 11.00 am to noon to bask in the sun.

Baby Elephant
Happy baby elephant being fed by a giant bottle