Professional Filming Assistance in Kenya

Do you need help with filming and location management in Kenya? If you answered yes, then Entice Africa Safaris is the company for you. In Kenya, we specialize in film production and location scouting. Entice Africa Safaris will assist you with all aspects of filming in Kenya. Anthony Muli is a Kenyan professional film fixer, producer, and location manager. He has experience and expertise in handling film-fixing and film-production activities.

Anthony Muli provides technical and logistical solutions and assists with budgeting, permit procurement, and accommodation. In addition, he has exceptional tour guiding skills, making him ideal for any type of filming expedition in Kenya.

Filming Expedition in Kenya

Considering Entice Africa Safaris for Filming in Kenya

When it comes to expert film making assistance in Kenya, Entice Africa Safaris distinguishes itself from the crowd. We have skilled film fixers and production specialists who have worked on a variety of projects, including Sir David Attenborough’s “Extinction: The Facts,” BBC natural history projects, Oxford documentaries, and pioneer TV programs.

Film Production Specialists

Film Production Specialists

If you’re thinking of booking film fixing and production services in Kenya, feel free to contact Entice Africa Safaris at +254 727 723 343 or +254799 871255. Please reach out to our team via email at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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