Lamu – the history rich island

Lamu County is found on the Northern Coast of Kenya, bordering Tana River county in the South West, Garissa county to the North Republic of Somalia to the North East and the Indian Ocean to the South. It is divided to two, Lamu East and West, made up of over 65 islands that form the Lamu Archipelago with a coastline covering upto 130km.

Lamu, a serene tropical island is characterized by an extension of mangrove forests that cover a huge part of the land and rolling dunes and endless beaches that tourists just can’t get over.

People here are deeply rooted in their culture and traditions, following them up to date.

Lamu County is the oldest county in Kenya dating back to the 14th Century when it started as a Swahili settlement. It was later inhabited by Omani Arabs, Turkish traders and Portuguese explorers.

Lamu Archipelago

Getting here

Lamu is easily accessible by air through an airstrip on a neighboring Manda Island which has daily scheduled flights from Mombasa, Nairobi, Diani and Malindi. Private Charters also use the airstrip.

On landing, a dhow ferries the passengers to either Lamu or Shela. Many yachts also travel to Lamu as they shelter near Shela.

Dhows in the island

(Dhows in the island)

Moving around

The main attraction lies in the old town that is memorable for having narrow streets therefore no vehicles are used here. Donkeys and dhows are the dominant modes of transport across land and waters. The town is best explored on foot.

Dhow safaris go beyond Lamu to the neighborhood, the Archipelago. Here tourists see isolated villages, visit ancient ruins and a few luxurious & exclusive resorts located among the Islands of Mandu, Pate and Kiwayu.

Lamu museum is the top destination, with its prized Siwa horns followed by the Two Centuries Old Lamu Fort and Siyu Fort.

Shela Island

(Shela Island)


Tourists are allowed to carry baby beach tents as they rest on the beaches. Some of the highlighted accommodation options include: Fatumas Tower, Peponi hotel, Kijani, Kizingo, Baobab House.

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