Visiting Amboseli? Here is what you should know

The name ‘Amboseli’ means salty dust, a word from the Maasai language. Amboseli National park also known as ‘home of African elephants’ is located in Loitoktok District, at the heart of Rift Valley,Kenya. It is located 240 km South East of Nairobi.


Amboseli is home to Africa’s giants, the elephants. A visit to the park will give you a close up view of these giants which usually move in herds. Families are led by matriarchs who are generally the oldest and largest adult female members. It is also home to a rare set of elephant twins born in early 2020.

set of elephant twins

Other wildlife

The park is also home to a variety of other wildlife including zebras, giraffes, zebras, dik diks, Thompson gazelles, lions, cheetahs and hyenas. Furthermore, there are over 400 bird species that make the park skies colorful.

Lake Magadi Day Trip

People Culture

The Amboseli is also home to the Maasai, a Kenyan tribe that boasts to be the original inhabitants of the land that is home to the wildlife. The Maasai have always followed their culture and tradition despite the Western ways.They maintain their traditional modes of dressing and songs which they never hesitate to entertain tourists with.

Cultural Tour


The park boasts of in-house exclusive hotels, i.e. The Serena Safari Lodge and Oltukai Lodge with  a variety of dishes and activities such as game drives that give you a free-range view of the wildlife as they play around. There are also tented camps which are often found very interesting by the local and foreign tourists.

The Serena Safari Lodge

    (Oltukai Lodge)

Mt Kilimanjaro

Tourists at the park get to have an eye-catching view of Mount Kilimanjaro.Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa with a height of 5895 meters and highest free-standing mountain in the world. It facilitates an underground water supply from its volcanic rocks, gracing the animals with two water springs that ensure sufficient flow of water keeping them hydrated.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Proximity to other parks

Amboseli National Park is also neighbors with other parks in Tanzania enabling tourists to travel through different parks at the same time.

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